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Chemical Decontamination in Preparation for Decommissioning

ISCT offers a range of chemicals and decontamination solutions for assets scheduled for decommissioning and abandonment. As production fields around the world sunset and stop producing planners are faced with complex chemical decontamination challenges.  Some of these challenges are related to a lack of understanding about the cost and scope of decommissioning and what level of contaminates such as mercury and arsenic may remain in metals and in hydrocarbon processing equipment that will remain on the ocean floor or go for metals recycling.  Toxic metals like mercury bioaccumulate and have negative impacts to marine ecosystems, people and the environment.

chemical cleaning

Providing Safe and Effective Chemical Solutions

ISCT offer a range of hydrocarbon and mercury removal products and decontamination solutions to industrial services providers and decommissioning teams that can remove a range of contaminates to meet the most stringent mass removal objectives.  We can also perform pilot studies on steel coupon samples from impacted pipelines to evaluate the best decontamination methods and identify the most efficient chemical sequence.  We also provides guidance on performance testing and can perform a range of onsite chemical tests to optimize hydrocarbon and mercury uptake over time.

chemical cleaning