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One of the main drivers for mercury chemical decontamination is to make the interior vessel vapour space safe for workers. Mercury decontamination is unique in that total mercury mass removal from the scale profile and metal substrate is rarely an objective for systems going back into service.  This narrows the mercury decontamination target to certain forms of mercury that contribute to toxic vapours and their removal such that the interior vapour space is rendered safe for workers.

Process system piping and vessels within a certain mercury contamination range are effectively degassed and decontaminated in 8 – 18 hours.  ISCT 400-Series chemicals accomplishes this by simultaneously removing hydrocarbon, mercury (volatile Hg, suspended Hg and soluble Hg), H2S and VOCs and can be applied in steam flow lines (vapour phase) or cascade circulation.

refinery extraction unit

ISCT Chemical Degassing Formulas

ISCT Formulas include a proprietary blend of non-ionic surfactants, penetrating and wetting agents, and specially selected chelation aids, mercury reactive compounds, corrosion inhibitors and H2S scavengers that effectively decontaminate vessels, piping and equipment. Our chemical degassing and mercury removal formulas are safe and effective improving safety performance and operational efficiency.

Vapour phase mercury decontamination is typically completed in four phases:

1. System preheating (heat entire system to 150°F and 200°F)
2. Chemical injection
3. Low pressure contact – dwell time
4. Aqueous rinse

refinery extraction unit