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ISCT provides consulting services on the interaction of mercury on steel surfaces and perform mass loading, distribution, speciation and chemical reduction research and development. Our team has developed unique approaches to understanding mercury mass flux, loading and distribution in hydrocarbon processing systems to develop mercury management processes, chemical decontamination solutions, chemistry, and waste minimization/processing plans. We deploy specialized technologies and methods to obtain the information required as part of the mass flux, loading and distribution models.

We Can Help Solve Your Mercury Problem

Our team’s deep understanding of the nature and distribution of mercury along with depth profiles in carbon and stainless-steel process equipment is critical to developing an effective chemical decontamination or decommissioning plan. With decades of knowledge and expertise, ISCT’s team understands the uptake of mercury and mercury compounds to process equipment surfaces and provides valuable information to verify components of mercury mass flux and distribution models and to develop effective chemical decontamination solutions.


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Our technical teams have experience solving complex process mercury issues globally and can deploy rapidly to protect valuable assets.