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Decontamination of Equipment

One of the key drivers for mercury decontamination of hydrocarbon process assets and systems is occupational exposure risk reduction which can include cleaning process equipment or decontamination of high value equipment like smart pigs and valves that must travel on airlines or otherwise return to their owners. Sometimes heat exchangers and other equipment may be transported offsite for maintenance or cleaning by third parties and must be decontaminated first.

We have a unique understanding of mercury species and distribution in process plants from experience gained over a decade of research and performance of mercury mapping, distribution and decontamination programs. This enhances our ability to offer the most effective chemical solutions.

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Hydrocarbon Formula

ISCT 200-1 is a biodegradable concentrated citrus solvent-surfactant formula used for degassing and hydrocarbon decontamination of tanks, vessels, piping and equipment.  Effective for removing light hydrocarbons (BTEX and MeOH) and other VOCs.  Optimal dilution on site with water to use in vapor phase, 3D tank nozzles or circulation for heavy hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbon and Mercury Formulas 

400-91CEB is formulated to meet sustainability objectives and is a GREEN blend of surfactants, chelants, and complexing agents that encapsulate metal ions and form a stable micro-emulsion with hydrocarbons. 400-91CEB is environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable and provided as a concentrate for onsite optimal dilution and application via immersion soak, spray systems, steam injection, circulation and 3D tank nozzles.

ISCT 200-2 is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner formulated with special chelation aids and mercury convertors which is safe on metals and can be heated to 140 F to improve efficiency. 200-2 is provided as a concentrate and is diluted onsite with water to optimal dilution.  Additional reactive components can be added onsite based on mercury mass loading, fouling and cleaning objectives and can be applied via circulation, immersion soak, 3D tank nozzles or gel.

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