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ISO Tank Testing

Why Test ISO Tanks for Mercury?

ISO Tanks are used to transport a range of chemicals and products including LPG, condensates and refrigerants used for LNG plants like propane and ethylene. Mercury in products such as LPG and gas condensates can have high concentrations of mercury which reacts with metal surfaces such that the cargos can contaminate the ISO Tanks used in this service.

Many products including propane and ethylene refrigerants for LNG plants require confirmation and certification to comply with quality specifications for mercury content (.01 µg/Nm3).

mercury hg measurements

How We Help Meet Quality Specifications

ISCT offers specialized ISO Tank Testing services including hot nitrogen purge (65º – 100º C) and trace-level mercury sampling and analysis to meet quality specifications. For ISO Tank Testing, ISCT uses a data quality assurance and control protocol based on numerical performance criteria that are applied to the sampling as well as the analytical phases of the measurement process.

We use a combination of sampling and analysis methods and work closely with customers to review previous cargos, materials and duration of use to develop sampling and analysis plans for purging and testing that ensure HSE and quality specifications are met.

mercury hg measurements

Want to know more about our ISO Tank Testing services?

Our technical teams have experience solving complex process mercury issues globally and can deploy rapidly to protect valuable assets.