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M4 Sample Systems

Process Plants Need Reliable Measurements

Our sample specialists have performed trace metals assessments at hydrocarbon processing plants around the world.  That experience has contributed to the development of our new mobile M4 sampling systems designed specifically for the hydrocarbon processing industry. Our intrinsically safe, portable M4™ multi- train sample systems are unique and deploy easily with mobile lab CVAFS and our sample teams via commercial airline or HELO to protect your assets anywhere in the world.

Our M4 Measurement Systems are the Solution

The physiochemical properties of mercury make it “sticky” to wetted sample surfaces so we provide a mercury inert sample system designed for use in extreme and explosive environments.

• Multi-train system accepts gold or chemically impregnated sorbent sample traps both in series and parallel
• Heated Silkonert™ SS or Teflon in Teflon sample line and sample unit (95C)
• Easily configured to sample low pressure process streams (2-15 psi) (glycol and amine regen streams)
• QA/QC adaptable sample port for injection of field spikes
• Sample trains also accept functional mercury speciation traps and dimethyl mercury sample traps
• Designed to sample wet gas streams with a high level of accuracy and maintain sample temperatures above the HDP
• Simultaneous sample/analysis methods for onsite (ASTM D6350 / ISO 6978) and offsite analysis (MEPA 30B -EPA 1631)
• Collection of long-term high-volume samples (10,000 liters) with ultra-low detection limit (EPA 30B – EPA 1631)
• Provides highly representative and precise data required for mercury mass flux assessments
• Reduces overall sampling costs and improves data accuracy of mercury mapping and distribution programs

m4 sample system on ngl plant

Want to know more about our M4 Sample services?

Our technical teams have experience solving complex process mercury issues globally and can deploy rapidly to protect valuable assets.