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ISCT is a Leader in Mercury Decontamination Solutions

ISCT and our partners are leaders in mercury chemical decontamination solutions for process equipment entry, inspection and maintenance and have completed projects globally.  We offer a range of proprietary hydrocarbon and mercury removal chemicals formulated to achieve vessel entry in 6-18 hours. Our chemicals prepare equipment for entry by simultaneously removing a range of contaminates (hydrocarbon, hydrogen sulfide, mercury).  Whilst we provide chemistry and solutions across all oil and gas sectors for all asset classes, we have developed a particular expertise in near total to total mass removal of mercury from hydrocarbon processing assets scheduled for decommissioning.

How We Help Our Clients Succeed

ISCT offers a wide range of process mercury solutions to the downstream production and processing sector and have taken part in a number of projects globally, always providing practical and reliable solutions while maximizing maintenance and inspection programs.  We work with our clients in advance of plant Turnarounds to obtain and incorporate process mercury concentration data (process streams and metal surfaces) in order to develop and implement chemical decontamination plans with measurable mercury removal objectives that ensure success while improving safety performance and minimizing downtime.

Chem Sampling at Pump

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Our technical teams have experience solving complex process mercury issues globally and can deploy rapidly to protect valuable assets.