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Process Mercury Solutions

What is Process Mercury?

Process mercury impacts worker safety and presents process and environmental risks that can have negative consequences the sum of which are often not considered in their entirety.

This is an issue that businesses ignore at great cost: besides the direct impact on safety performance and operational efficiency, process failures and mistakes damage brand integrity and a business’s position in the marketplace ultimately impacting profit. Much of the impact to profit is realized when certain assets sunset and are scheduled for decommissioning then require considerable resources to decontaminate such that subsea pipelines and topside processing systems are decommissioned responsibly.

Our aim is to offer an integrated and holistic management approach to mitigate risks at an early stage and prevent future hazards while providing quality-based solutions that improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and prevent process failures.

merc management refinery

How Can We Help?


Assist with asset design to include sampling locations in process and MRU technologies


Training programs and asset mercury management plans


Decontamination plans and procedures


Waste minimization strategies


Asset baseline and annual mercury mapping (process streams, products and metal surfaces).

3 Phase Asset Lifecycle Management

We work across the entire lifecycle of our customers’ assets from design phase to decommissioning.


1. Design

During the design phase we provide engineering support and consulting to develop process mercury management plans for offshore assets and NGL plants.


2. Operational

During the operational phase, where we dedicate most of our time, we design and implement inspection, measurements and decontamination programs.


3. Decommissioning

During the decommissioning phase we provide guidance for process stream measurements, hazardous materials assessments, and process equipment decontamination.

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