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ISCT has invested decades on research and development programs focused on improving trace metals sampling and analysis technologies, chemical performance and spent chemistry processing methods.  This has been applied to the development of improved sampling equipment, safer and more effective hydrocarbon and metals removal chemicals and reliable onsite analytical testing to measure the performance of chemistries used for decontamination.

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We love solving problems and are always open to new and exciting research to create or improve technologies that contribute to the overall success of our clients.

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• MDL Studies: Multiple instrument method detection limit studies to use various analytical instruments/methods for onsite measurements of process streams and chemicals used for hydrocarbon and mercury decontamination

• Mercury in Steel: Multiple mercury mass loading, distribution, speciation, depth profile and chemical reduction studies (XRF/SEM/EDS/Thermal Desorption)

• Performance Measurements: Develop surface testing methods and chemical digestion sampling/analytical procedures to assess the species and level of mercury contamination in metals (process plants and steel process systems)

• Chemical Performance Studies: Develop and improve chemical formulations, application methods, and onsite testing methods to verify performance objectives are met for a range of processing systems, metals and temperatures

• Waste Minimization: Multiple bench test studies to optimize treatment chemistry and chemical processing phases for the removal of contaminates such as hydrocarbon and metals plus deactivation of residual oxidants

• Instrument Comparison Study: Compare two AAS units and analytical methods (combustion method vs. reduction chemical digest) and compare the accuracy of both instruments to a trace level compliance method using CVAFS)

research and development lab
research and development lab

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