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Rig Cleaning

Environmentally Safe Cleaning Agents

ISCT is committed to providing the oil and gas sector with safe environmental solutions as they pertain to rig cleaning and rig site remediation. We have 25 years of environmental remediation experience providing chemical solutions to the oil and gas industry ranging from in-situ chemical oxidation to bioremediation. That experience has led to the development of concentrated improved non-ionic surfactant blends that are environmentally safe and effective in encapsulating light to heavy hydrocarbons and speed up bioremediation.

We Have Solutions

ISCT 150C is a cleaning and remediation agent that forms a sable microemulsion with hydrocarbon instantly degreasing surfaces, eliminating LEL and VOCs and can be applied through mechanical spray systems at ambient temperatures to clean rig surfaces and equipment. In soil remediation applications, micellar solubilization is a critical step for the removal of organic contaminates from rig sites and ISCT 150C increase the bioavailability of hydrophobic compounds and hence the degradation rate.  Application methods for this purpose range from spray systems to adaptable spray rigs on ATVs or tractors.

ISCT 151C Rig Wash is a concentrated blend of nonionic surfactants, citrus solvent and chelant with excellent detergency, wetting and emulsification properties. ISCT 151C Rig Wash is formulated with an enhanced biodegradable surfactant package and citrus solvent effective in removing light to heavy hydrocarbons. ISCT 151C is a multi-functional product that can also be used in chemical cleaning programs for degassing and hydrocarbon removal from vessels, piping systems and process equipment.


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