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Trace Metals

Trace Metals in Process Plants

Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As) and Selenium (Se) have negative impacts to catalysts and worker safety but it is mercury that poses the greatest risks to process plants.  NGL and LNG plants have a low tolerance for mercury and are most at risk due to mercury being corrosive to aluminum cryogenic processing trains [Liquid Metal Embrittlement (LME) and Amalgam Corrosion (AMC)], but refineries have similar risks from cracking of brass and Monel alloys.

Mercury: Impacts to Process

Our trace metals assessment services include functional speciation to more precisely quantify adverse risks to process, workers and the environment by providing accurate and reliable data planners need to protect asset integrity, improve safety and maximize performance.

ISCT provides assessments for hydrocarbon processing assets offshore and onshore with onsite/offsite chemical analysis capabilities and uses advance sampling systems designed and manufactured specifically for the hydrocarbon processing industry (ISCT M4™).

Keep Your Plant Safe with our Trace Metals Assessments.

mercury measurements in process plants

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Our technical teams have experience solving complex process mercury issues globally and can deploy rapidly to protect valuable assets.